While living in New Orleans bohemia, Matthew Nolan wrote his first book Crumpled Paper Dolls: a New OrLeANs poet ®. Nolan achieved his dream when he printed up one hundred books to sell out of his bicycle basket in the French Quarter (2004). Soon thereafter, Matthew Nolan got an unexpected break from a major bookstore chain, placing his first book between Pablo Neruda and Sylvia Plath on bookstore shelves across America.
Now, Crumpled Paper Dolls, a book of poetry, prose, and journals, is archived in the State Library of Louisiana. Excerpts were read to an audience of one million on BBC radio. Nolan’s acclaim grew when he was chosen for The State of Poem, a film documentary that explores the lives and poetry of influential contemporary American poets. PBS soon followed by spotlighting Nolan’s life, dreams, and writing career in the popular television series Roadtrip Nation. His second book, Exhuming Juliet: a New OrLeANs poet, a book of poetry, love letters, and journals, is Nolan’s latest contribution to the literary world.
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